Archer Bucks and School Store

How do I earn Archer Bucks?

Every Archer student has the opportunity to earn Archer Bucks throughout the course of the day. Archer Bucks can be awarded by any adult in the building who sees a student going above and beyond the typically expected "good" behavior.

Below are a few situations in which a student could earn an Archer Buck, though students should never expect to earn one.

- assisting another student

- cleaning up a mess for someone else

- settling a positive example when solving a problem

- encouraging a classmate with kind words

- acting as a role model for others in the class or school

Students also earn FIVE Archer Bucks for the month if their class has the highest percentage of students attending school and wearing uniforms, so make sure your child comes to school with their uniform every day!

How can I spend my Archer Bucks?

Students can spend their Archer Bucks every 2 weeks when their class visits the Archer School Store. The store teaches students the value of money, introduces the concept of saving up and working to earn a desired item or privilege, and instills a sense of accomplishment in students.

What can I buy in the Archer Store?

Erasers: 1 buck

Stickers: 2 for 1 buck

Pencils: 2 bucks

Pencil Sharpeners: 3 bucks

Small Stationary: 4 bucks

Bubbles: 4 bucks

Small books: 5 bucks

Assorted larger books: 8-15 bucks

Large Stationary: 9 bucks

Stress balls: 10 bucks

Stuffed footballs: 15 bucks

School white t-shirt uniform: 16 bucks

Puzzles: 18 bucks

School blue polo uniform: 22 bucks

Nintendo Wii and DS Games: 30-60 bucks

. . . and much more!