Faculty & Staff

Principal: Room 115
Mr. Haviland
Mr. Haviland is currently in his fifth year as the principal of the Archer Elementary School.  He worked previously as an instructional coach for CFN 607 and began his career teaching a 3rd Grade Special Education classroom.  Mr. Haviland grew up with two teachers for parents and has known he wanted to be an educator for as long as he can remember.  He loves working with the students, teachers, and parents that make up our school community.  He also loves unicorns.  Mr. Haviland believes that learning should be a joyful experience and encourages you to contact him with any questions or concerns about the school.

Assistant Principal: Room 226
Ms. Dorr
Ms. Dorr is extremely passionate about teaching, children, literature, and teaching children's literature.  Ms. Dorr began working at Archer as a staff developer and has now been the school's assistant principal for the last three years.  She relishes the opportunity to work with the students and teachers of P.S. 531.  Ms. Dorr grew up in New Jersey and loves to watch the New York Giants every Sunday, even though they will never be as good as the Philadelphia Eagles!

I.A. Assistant Principal
Ms. Finerty
Ms. Finerty is super excited to transition into an admin role at PS 531.  Ms. Finerty will be helping to coordinate all of the services that Archer students will receive, from Speech to extra academic support.  Outside of school, Ms. Finerty likes to exercise, listen to music, spend time with her family, play squash, and read.  If you can't find her cloistered in a monastery, you'll likely find her doing cross fit!  One of her favorite books of all time is Freckle Juice J.  

School Secretary: Room 115
Ms. Vargas
Grace Vargas is the Principal’s/Payroll and Pupil Accounting Secretary at PS 531.  Grace has been a Parent Volunteer, Parent Association President, Parent Coordinator and a School Secretary with the Department of Education.  She has more than 16 years with the Department of Education and her experience has made her grow.  She’s a dedicated, compassionate, and extremely hard-worker.  She’s a very proud mom with a daughter who is an art teacher and a son at NYU!

 Parent Coordinator: Room 115
Ms. Francis
Ms. Francis is the Parent Coordinator for Archer Elementary. She is known as “Your Friendly Neighborhood Parent Coordinator” and has been servicing her community for almost 19 years. Ms. Francis grew up in the South Bronx in District 9 and even as a child always felt the need to help others. As an adult, she served as a parent advocate on various levels while still being a mom, wife and caregiver. Ms. Francis has the amazing ability to resolve conflicts between people and provide satisfying and fair results for all parties involved and she does it all with a smile.


ENL Coordinator: Room 235  
Ms. Kelly
Ms. Kelly has been the ENL coordinator at Archer for 4 years!  She has been a teacher for 10 years!  She loves to read books from a wide range of genres, from poetry to suspenseful novels. She also enjoys traveling and loves to watch the sun set. Ms. Kelly believes students have the ability to learn and accomplish academic achievement. She does her best to make sure students are motivated and have unforgettable learning experiences.                                  

                 "If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed."  ~ David Visco~

Out of Class ENL Teacher:  Room 235a 
Ms. Spears
Ms. Spears joined the PS 531 staff for the 2014-15 school year after 7 years as a classroom ENL teacher in District 9 in the Bronx.  She brings a wide array of skills and strategies with her to help students learning English at PS 531.  Not at school?  You'll find Ms. Spears running... and running... and running!  She takes her cardiovascular fitness very seriously and competes in a variety of races throughout the year.  See Ms. Spears if you need some work out tips!

Music Teacher: Room 127
Ms. Tuthill
Ms. Tuthill originally came to Archer Elementary School by way of Education Through Music, a program that helps provide music instruction on its own, as well as in support of other subject areas.  Ms. Tuthill has been rockin' out at PS 531 since she was Ms. Terrana back in 2011! Her favorite instrument is the clarinet.

Art Teacher: Room 131
Ms. Melendez

Science Teacher: Room 305 
Ms. Gaughan
Ms. Gaughin's favorite grade to teach is 2nd grade, because when she was a student she had an absolutely magnificent 2nd grade teacher.  She also likes science, which is good, because she is the school's science teacher!  Ms. Gaughan excels at making volcanoes.  She loves to play sports and enjoys hiking and kayaking outdoors.  Ms. Gaughin's favorite books are the Junie B. Jones series.  Ms. Gaughan is something of a prodigy and is only 19 years old!

Physical Ed. & Health Teacher: 4th Floor Gym
Mr. Rowland is...

Social Worker: Room 121c

Ms. Perez

Guidance Counselor: Room 191
Ms. Sealy

Speech/Language: Room 215A
Ms. O
Mrs. Orecchio has been working for the Department of Education as a speech language therapist for 15 years. She as well works with toddlers as an early intervention provider. Mrs. Orecchio lives with her husband and two young boys in the Northeast Bronx.  She is proud to be a part of Archer Elementary, and looks forward to an exciting year with students and staff.  Goooo Speech and Language!

Speech/Language: Room 215A
Ms. Losquatro

Ms. L

Lower Grade Coach: Room 119 
Ms. Nogales
Ms. Nogales attended Williams College as an undergraduate, and then did her graduate studies at Pace University while participating in the Teach for America program.  Ms. Nogales is loving her first grade students, and her favorite things to teach them are strategies for becoming better readers.  Someday, Ms. Nogales would love to go whale watching and swim with dolphins in the ocean.  Meanwhile, she enjoys reading all kinds of books about sea creatures, both fiction and non-fiction.

Reading Recovery/AIS/Coach:  Room 211
Ms. Matute
Ms. Matute has been at Archer for 3 years.  This year, she is transitioning from 5th Grade ICT to out of class student and teacher support.  Ms. Matute is excited to get trained in the Reading Recovery program and to begin to work with students and teachers to make sure everyone at PS 531 has a positive educational experience!  Her son, Benjamin, is almost 2.  Whoa!

Lower Grade AIS/Reading Recovery Teacher: Room 211 
Ms. Mana
Ms. Mana has been with PS 531 for the past 3 years as a 1st grade classroom teacher and an Academic Intervention Teacher. She loves working with students who need a little extra push with their reading and math!

Lead Teacher Assistant 
Ms. Calderon


Pre-K Teacher: Room 135
Ms. Kelly
As an early childhood teacher in this community for 22 years and as a parent I use my past experiences with children to instill a love of learning and to strive for success not only in the classroom, but also in our community.  In my free time, I enjoy art, nature, swimming in the ocean, walking in the sand with my husband and girls, and being in the company of little children. As a child, I loved to read, play with dolls, and of course, play school. Therefore, it is no surprise that I love coming to school everyday. I have centered much of my life around the gentle raising of children. The curiosity, wonder and love of learning that young children naturally possess brings me so much joy. I feel so privileged in being given the opportunity to guide young children as they attain the skills necessary to be lifelong learners. I look forward to making Green Eggs and Ham and reading my favorite story, Corduroy and sharing it with all the little ones!


Kindergarten Teacher: Room 201  Class K-01
Ms. Godlewicz
Ms. Godlewicz has been a teacher for the last 14 years and still enjoys every minute of it. Ever since she was 4 years old, she knew she wanted to be a teacher and follow in her mother's footsteps. She loves to read and can't wait to share her favorite books with her new students. She is so excited to be part of a new team and is looking forward to a successful and memorable school year!  

Kindergarten Teacher: Room 204   Class K-02

Ms. Gomez
Ms. Gomez is excited for the start of the school year at Archer Elementary.  She is moving to Kindergarten for the first time after previously teaching the 1st and 2nd Grade students.  Ms. Gomez is extremely excited   Her all-time favorite book is Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell.


Kindergarten Teacher: Room 218  Class K-03
Ms. Gerber
Ms. Gerber is the Kindergarten/First Grade Self-Contained teacher at Archer Elementary School. She has wanted to be a teacher since she was a little girl. Ms. Gerber grew up on Long Island and has a great love for the beach. She is passionate about incorporating music and songs into the classroom. Ms. Gerber believes that children learn best when they are actively engaged, having fun and feel a sense of confidence in what they do.

Kindergarten Teacher: Room 202  Class K-04
Ms. Thames
Ms. Thames is beginning her 4th year as an ENL Kindergarten teacher at PS 531.  She is excited to get started with a new group of tiny, tiny people and loves watching the progress kids make as they learn to read, write, and generally interact with the "school" world.


First Grade Teacher: Room 241  Class 1-101
Ms. J has been teaching at PS 531 for 3 years after working at Bronx Lighthouse Charter for 6 years. Ms. J is an expert on the lower grades and "looped" with her kids from Kindergarten to First Grade this year!

First Grade Teacher: Room 237  Class 1-102
Ms. Contreras...

First Grade Teacher: Room 205  Class 103
Ms. O'hara

First Grade Teacher: Room 238  Class  1-104
Ms. Johnson-Thorpe
Ms. Johnson-Thorpe is honored to teach first grade at Archer Elementary School.  She loves to watch children develop polite and respectful behaviors, and her favorite subject to teach is math.  When she was a student, Ms. Johnson-Thorpe decided that she wanted to grow up to become a teacher, and she has never looked back!


Second Grade Teacher: Room 227 Class 201
 Ms. Broege enjoy driving long distances to work and extremely large cups of iced coffee.  Ms. Broege's talent as a teacher is eclipsed only by her bowling skills, as she spent several years on the Ladies PBA tour before "rolling" into Archer Elementary.  

Second Grade Teacher: Room 243 Class 202
Ms. Johnson

Ms. Johnson is a career-changer!  She spent twelve years as a paralegal, so you know she is extremely organized.  She then made an excellent life decision and decided to become a Second Grade ENL teacher at Archer Elementary.  Ms. Johnson is a part of the New York Teaching Fellows program, and we are glad she decided to sign up! 

Second Grade Teacher: Room 219  Class 2-203
Ms. Carrisquillo-Lawless
Ms. Lawless has been a 2nd Grade teacher at Archer for the past 4 years. Previously, she taught kindergarten for 5 years in the Marble Hill section of the Bronx before coming to P.S. 531. Ms. Lawless loves to incorporate the arts into her teaching as much as possible, especially dance - Ms. Lawless has been running the Friday Enrichment Hip Hop Club for years!  Ms. Lawless is looking forward to many great years at Archer Elementary!   Ms. Lawless had one of the best teacher names ever before officially becoming Ms. Carrisquillo last year - congrats!

Second Grade Teachers - ICT : Room 237  Class 2-204
Ms. O'Donnell
Ms. O'Donnell is in her third year a full time teacher after a career as a police sergeant. She is ...  

Ms. Halder
Ms. Halder is... 


Third Grade Teacher: Room 221  Class 301
Mr. Strong
Mr. Strong is a graduate of Columbia University's Teachers College.  He is, in fact, very strong.  Additionally, he enjoys soccer, backgammon, and project time.  He is joined in ICT fun this year by Ms. Lindsay, who, as you can tell by the size of the pictures, also plays a very large role in the classroom. 

Third Grade Teacher: Room 225  Class 3-302
Mr. Bowman
Mr. Bowman is a native New Yorker who was born in the Bronx.  He is a graduate of SUNY Old Westbury and received his Masters in Early Childhood Education form Fordham University.  Prior to becoming a teacher, Mr. Bowman has worked for both Sports Illustrated Magazine and the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). He has also worked for the Henry Street Settlement as an Education Specialists and as an after-school program coordinator for Safe Space, a non-profit organization located in Manhattan.  He is an avid reader and musician and enjoys coaching both baseball and football. 

Third Grade Teacher: Room 218  Class 3-303
Ms. Bellani
Ms. Canelas has been in the classroom as a 3rd Grade teacher for two years now, after spending 2015-16 as a lower grade AIS provider.  She joins PS 531 all the way from Bolivia, which is really far away!

Third ICT Grade Team: Room 229  Class 304

Ms. Burgess joined the school as part of the prestigious New York Teaching Fellows Program. She enjoys singing, teaching, apples, and playing her ukulele. Ms. Burgess believes that kind words go a long way and encourages everyone to SMILE, since she is also a photographer!

Ms. Lindsay (St. Onge)

Ms. Lindsay joined Archer Elementary after teaching at a charter school in New Orleans for two years and attending Teachers College. 


Fourth Grade Math Teacher/Upper Grade Coach: Room 215  Class 4-401
Mr. Wells
Mr. Wells is in his fourth year as a teacher at Archer.  He joined us after a year of traveling abroad in France.  He studied under great French chefs and learned to cook amazing food, but decided that his true passion was to teach and eat school food.  Mr. Wells is excited to be teaching fourth grade math, as he enjoys math.  He has also used his basic understanding of technology to become the all-powerful I-Pad czar of the school.  Mr. Wells loves to read and his favorite book is Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.  If you need him, he is probably in the cafeteria near the lunch line. 

Fourth Grade Teacher/Academic Intervention Teacher: Room 215 Class 4-401
Ms. Penta
Ms. Penta has been a teacher in the Parkchester community for nine years. Ms. Penta has had two children in the last three years and can answer any maternity questions you might have!  She is thrilled to be a new mommy but she is excited to be back at work.  She will be providing extra support to Archer students and teaching ELA to our fourth grade students.  You can't curse around Ms. Penta... But you sure can learn cursive!

Ms. Shin

Ms. Shin has dribbled her way into all of our hearts as a combo 4th Grade teacher/basketball coach.  Go Juan!
Also, she is about to have twins!  Whoa!

Fourth Grade SC Teacher: Room 214
Ms. Saintil
Ms. Saintil was born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y. She is SUPER excited to be apart of the Archer Elementary team! Ms. Saintil has several years of teaching experience as a volunteer helper, substitute teacher, and second grade teacher. 

Fourth Grade ELA Teacher: Room 216
Ms. Chi
Ms. Chi attended Teacher's College at Columbia University.  As part of her experience, she was a
student teacher at PS 531.  Ms. Chi loved PS 531 and PS 531 loved Ms. Chi, and began working as a full time 4th Grade ELA teacher in September of 2014.  Ms. Chi is loves teaching literacy.  Her favorite books are The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Ms. Chi has incredibly good handwriting, which you can see as soon as you walk in to her room and see her immaculate charts!

Fourth Grade Math Teacher: Room 219
Ms. Mitchell

 Ms. Mitchell has told us there is only one math problem we will ever really need to know....... Ms.  Mitchell + Math = LOVE, based loosely off the band 2gether's hit You + Me = Us.  We think things are probably a little more complicated than that, but we  are  pleased with the high levels of enthusiasm!  If Ms. Mitchell looks a little sad, it is because she is the only 4th Grade Teacher without a NEW Smart Board.


Fifth Grade Math Teacher: Room 301  Class 501

Fifth Grade ELA Teacher: Room 304  Class 502
Mr. Putterman
Mr. Putterman has been the 5th Grade ELA teacher at Archer for the past three years.  In addition to this awesome responsibility, Mr. Putterman spends the majority of his afternoons helping 4th and 5th grade students develop the greatest rock opera of all time.  This year, the Shakespearians will be putting on Macbeth. Mr. Putterman can also salsa.  Ask about it!      

Fifth Grade ICT Teachers: Room 214  Class 503

Ms. McLeod

Mr. Nycz and Ms. Mcleod are new to Archer, but certainly not to teaching.  Ms. Mcleod can dance! The pair worked together in Manhattan for years before making the incredibly savvy decision to take their talents across the Harlem River to PS 531!  

Mr. Nycz
Mr. Nycz has a knack for karaoke, and perhaps most importantly, both know how to put the F-U-N in both FUNdamentals and FUNctions.  We definitely wouldn't ask for a reFUNd on these two winners!