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Literacy Tips

Below you will find every one of the possible topics that your child's teacher may have recommended he or she work on.  There are three categories: Word Study, Fluency & Punctuation, and Comprehension, corresponding to the colors on the Report Card.  Click below to find online and printable resources for the specific topic your child's teacher has suggested.  Feel free to explore other links as well!




The links below have a huge variety of every type of resource.  If your child is looking for something to do or does not have homework, these are great places to go. - Starfall is a great website for students just learning to read.  This is a link to the main index, so that you can choose a topic appropriate for your student. - Graphic Organizers for many topics. - This contains many printable Grammar worksheets. - The site here contains different games and lessons for a variety of Reading topics. Some may be too advanced for your student, but there are many possibilities. - Additional worksheets can be found here, on many different topics.