Friday Afternoon Enrichment

At Archer, we are committed to providing a well-rounded education to children and encouraging them to take responsibility for their own learning.  

To foster of love of learning and empower our students (and our teachers!) we have instituted a Friday afternoon enrichment session.  Archer faculty members designed a class curriculum of their choosing to showcase a personal passion, ranging from yoga to chess to cooking.  Students were then empowered to learn about each course offering and pick the ones that sounded most exciting to them!

For an hour and a half every Friday afternoon, teachers will be teaching and students will be learning about topics that truly fascinate them.  Archer students will be exposed to a wide variety of experiences throughout their time at Archer Elementary, because they will take three enrichment classes each year.  By the time they graduate, students will have developed a portfolio of skills, talents, and interests that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives, as a permanent reminder of their time in Archer Elementary School.

We have completed our first round of enrichment for the fall of 2013. Students will continue selecting new enrichment groups. Talk with your child about what they choose to do on Friday afternoons!




Chess, Game of Kings



Do loves games and puzzles? Do you want to learn the strategy behind one of the most famous and most popular games ever? Chess is played all over the world, and to win you need to be smart and tricky. We will make our own chess boards, learn how the pieces move, and play a game each week to practice basic strategy.  Come join the chess team and learn to play like a king!


Mr. Racic




Do you like to have a little snack as you read your favorite books?  Now it is time for you to read and cook at the same time!  In the Mini-Chefs program, we will read many different books.  After you read, you will become a chef and learn the steps to cooking a delicious treat.  At the end of the program, you will have your own recipe book to take home and enjoy cooking with your family!  Reading never tasted so good!


Ms. Sgobbo and Ms. Penta

Soccer Around the World



Do you love soccer?  In this cluster we will explore, research, and participate in the wonderful, exciting world of futbol, also known as soccer.  Let’s find out why soccer is one of the most popular sports around the world and have fun playing it too!


Ms. Gaughan

Project Adventure



Looking for new games to play?  With Project Adventure, you can try out different games and make new friends!  Come have fun with us in the gym!

Ms. Ewool

Archer Artists Academy



Do you want to be a famous artist when you grow up?  Are you excited to create your own masterpiece?  Start by learning about the lives of great artists from the past and present.  Paint like Picasso!  Draw like Da Vinci!  Members of the Archer Artists Academy will explore all different mediums and styles of art, including painting, sculpting and collage. 


Ms. Dorr

Water Wonder World



Have you ever wondered what happened to many of the wonderful animals that used to live in the water?  How did they disappear?  What can we do?  This will be an adventure to change the future.


Ms. Thorpe

 Yoga Fun



Do you want to strengthen your body AND mind? Then yoga is for you!  We will learn how to strech and build musciles, work on improving our focus, and practice self-control.  If you enjoy feeling relaxed, happy, and healthy – join yoga!


Ms. Finerty

Arts and Crafts Around the World



Do you love to explore new places? Have you always wanted to visit China or Japan? Well, now's your chance! Through arts and crafts, each week we will travel to a different country in Asia. We'll be making korean drums, camels, indian elephants and much much more!  So get your passport and art supplies ready for a truly exciting adventure!

Ms. Nogales

Crazy Crafts



Get your scissors and some glue, paint and some paper plates, we are going to make all the things you like best! In this cluster we are going to try something new, there's no limit in all the things you can do! We will work together to make creative designs. Let's Create!


Ms. Kelly

Super Stars!


Calling all actors and singers!  It’s time to become a star!  If you think you are the next super star actor or dancer then Super Star Theater and Dance Class is the place you should be.  We will be acting out popular books as well as writing a play of our own.  But that’s not all – we will also be movin’ and grovin’ to different musical styles and creating our own dance routines.  If you are ready to shine, join Super Stars!


Ms. Terrana

Create A Comic Book!




In this class, you will create their own comic book characters and stories!  You could create super heroes, funny animals, anime, or comics about yourself!  You will develop drawing and storytelling skills, and at the end of the class, we will create a real mini-comic book of your work.  If you like drawing and comics, this is the class for you.


Mr. Zeichner

Dynamite Dinosaurs



Go back in history to a place where jungles are filled with enormous creatures called dinosaurs.  Learn about where they lived and re-create their world.  Become an explorer and find out what animals alive today are descendents of dinosaurs!


Ms. Gomez